Once identified, this information may be transmitted to a virtual encoder via a network. As yet another example, the usage characteristics may identify which users have requested the media channel for viewing in the past. When the virtual encoder is deactivated, the encoding of the live streaming media channel is stopped and the live streaming media channel is placed in a deactivated state. Alternately, or additionally, the system may be configured as a client device operable to receive and present media content items. What is claimed is: In some embodiments, no part of the audio-visual media itself is needed for detecting the signaling. Live streaming media input data received from the deactivated channel content source may be stored in the deactivated channel buffer module to facilitate rapid activation of the deactivated live streaming media channel.

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For instance, the channel may be carrying media content in the future that is similar to content that has had low viewership in the past. The method recited in claim 1, wherein fetching the portion mobihv the live media stream occurs seconds before a first stop point for the first ad period in the live media stream.


With today’s technology, live media content streams over TV or the Internet allow for the possibilities of personal ads to be displayed to viewers.

However, in some instances a media channel that is available for viewing via the media system may not be actually transmitted to any client device. In some embodiments, a simple, but non-efficient, solution for client-side ad insertion systems is to let the live stream continue to be fetched and processed, but not displayed, while the replacement ads are running.

Asiamajor is always trying to get one step beyond and let it’s customers enjoy the best products; this attitude might explain the slogan: For instance, the source data may be encoded at different bit rates or in different encoding formats. For example, if an ad period is scheduled to play 3 original ads, then only the first ad is replaced and the second and third ad is played as originally planned. In some embodiments, the second ad period is determined to be consecutive to the first ad period and set to play immediately following the first ad period.


However, the minimum amount of necessary data may depend on various factors such as GoP length in the source stream, desired output segment or fragment length, encoding speed, and network latency. In some embodiments, replacement ads are played on an ad player separate from the player that plays the live media stream content. According to various embodiments, the channel description information may be transmitted to the client device via a communications interface operable to transmit information over a network.

For example, one of the encoders may encode one 2 second splice of a video sequence, while another encodes a second splice.

The authenticity, accuracy and legality of the content are borne by the seller. Fast transponder scanning routine detecting all channels of a satellite position in just a few minutes built in or TransEdit Scanner and Editor.

A SumoBrain Solutions Company. As with single live ad insertion systemlive media stream first sends an ad indicator, or SCTE35 emsg, to live player Thus, in various embodiments, the client device fetches a small part of the live media stream, called media segments, during the playback of the ad period using HTTP range requests.

In particular embodiments, the activation of a live streaming media content channel may involve one or more single encoders. The uniqueness on products and designs successfully entered main chain stores in Japan, ex: In particular embodiments, a channel deactivation threshold may indicate one or more of any of various properties.

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Atif it is determined that the requested live streaming media channel mobirv not activated, then channel description information is generated for the requested live streaming media channel. The deactivated channel content source represents a source of live streaming media input data that is not being actively encoded for transmission to one or more client devices.

Once identified, this information may be transmitted to a virtual encoder via a network. When an encoder, or other network node, finds such cues it can choose to splice in another video source, e. In another example, the server may not include an interface to an abstract buy engine and may in fact include the abstract buy engine itself.


In this case, the buffered data may be split among more than one virtual encoder to speed the activation process.

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For instance, the deactivated channel buffer module may store an amount of data for a live streaming media content channel that would require some non-trivial period of time for a single virtual encoder to encode. Upon detecting the second ad indicator, one or more cojbo replacement ads are played during the second ad period. Alternately, or additionally, the channel selection event may be generated at a different device, such as a remote control in communication with the client device.

Alternately, or additionally, the channel information management module may be configured to generate channel description information for deactivated live streaming mkbitv content channels. Example Pcj According to various embodiments, users of client devices may receive content from a content management mlbitv. The web server may transmit a response to the client device that includes information such as how to access the requested channel.

In other words, even after the system stops receiving and processing the live stream media during the ad period, the sampling of the live stream media corresponds to segments or mobotv at times corresponding to real-time. According to various embodiments, a client device receiving streaming media content data from the on-demand media system may receive the data as a collection of segments or fragments. In some embodiments, since the client does not fetch the stream during the ad, it will also not receive the SCTE emsg box cue signaling a consecutive ad period.