The device is randomly just one of the three being installed, so it’s not the same one. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. It supports the EVDO data technology. We recently moved Verizon specific content to VerizonForums. BB code is On.

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But remember, you are always taking a risk when you hack your phone.

The Voyager can shoot video at QVGA x maximum resolution at 15fps with mono audio as well as x Views Read Edit View history. There’s a dedicated number row, a 4-way d-pad with center action on the right side of the keyboard and two soft keys just lgg the display.

Env Touch and Bitpim

I just had a few questions, and I always browse these forums and people seem so knowledgeable Usually indoor images taken under incandescent light are overly warm but often the Voyager took cool indoor shots too. Please see the help for details on what to do. The examples and perspective in this article deal primarily with the United States and do voyaer represent a worldwide view of the subject.

The push freaked me out a little, because the phone restarted after the transfer. Several days later, users on internet message boards reported references on Verizon Wireless’s website to a phone called the VX Silver, leading people to believe that a silver version of the phone would also be made available Now known as the Voyager Titanium.


If anyone has any idea as to what I’m doing wrong or should be doing and can coyager i would greatly appreciate it. You do not need to use BitPim. Do you already have an account? Traceback most recent call last: Goyager to start this off, I’m sick and tired of using Verizon’s awful over the air method of transferring stuff to and biitpim my phone.

LG Voyager

The only window that doesn’t vibrate when you haven’t pressed an actual UI element is the application launcher. The screen requires a firm touch, and since it’s small with menu and other control elements bordering on the web page, we found ourselves accidentally activating menus and other functions we hadn’t intended to when scrolling.

Email support is less impressive with the usual non-smartphone Verizon choices: To launch the camera app, give the side camera button a short press.

I asked the question on the Voyageur form with no success, they thought the Telus file system was maybe not compatible. If you previously had an account on CPF, it has been transferred!

The Voyager has one of the best cell phone keyboards on the market, a compelling multimedia presentation with great music playback quality we’d still like to see a more feature-rich playervery good Mobile TV and V Cast.

If you don’t have any way to get Bluetooth working with voayger PC then you’ll just have to wait it out for LG to come through.


Env Touch and Bitpim – enV Touch Forum

Put the pictures in the “my-pix” folder, the music in the “my-music” folder and the movies in the “my-flix” folder. Quite different from the iPhone concept, and perhaps a more useful one to heavy texters.

Downloading the current version of Bitpim or one of the test builds. It will retrieve the VX’s file hierarchy. Click HERE to get started. This includes the music player, Mobile TV, contacts and settings. When you view the contents of your microSD card with your computer, you’ll see some folders.

As of second quarterthe LG Voyager had sold 1. The best, safest way to transfer pictures, ringtones, music, movies, etc. BitPim and LG Voyager.

The front cover has only call send and end buttons and a clear key that does double-duty as the voice command key we’d like to press the key longer before activating voice command. Please ensure you only change things that you can fix later. There’s no EQ, album art or background music playback. Categories Recent Discussions Activity.