The unixODBC driver manager version 2. For User Data Sources, it will look for a hidden file in the current user’s home directory called. Contact and feedback Need support? Create the User Data Sources file. Depending on the unixODBC distribution, the system odbcinst. So get a cup of coffee and enter the following commands in the directory containing the driver manager files.

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ODBC driver for Linux

To delete the key: However, it may be as simple as starting the host servers. The command may fail if any required dependencies for the package manager are not installed. This is an interactive SQL utility. Validation cannot continue further. Create the User Data Sources file.

United States English English. In our example the remote DB2 database server is located on test. The validation utility could not find the configuration file db2cli. At this point you can enter any SQL command that you wish.

From this site you can access the Linux system guides, whitepapers, Redpieces and Redbooks. Your configuration may have only the iSeries driver registered. But because the driver is based on the Client Access Linnux Driver for Windows, it already takes advantage of the performance improvements that have been added to that driver through the years. At this point, all of the necessary products are installed.


ODBC from Linux to iseries (AS) for php | Admin notes and ramblings

After the command completes, enter the “make install” command. There is a discrepancy between the iseries driver and the unixodbc libraries for the libodbcinst which can result in the above meaningless error when using the driver. Test the connection using the commandline isql and the DSN. Download the package from the Snowflake web interface. Your command may be different depending on the shell you’re using, but you essentially want to set environment variable QTDIR to the location of your Qt libraries, which are usually installed as part of a Linux server setup.

For each DSN, add the following entries to the odbc. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your WordPress.

This is a software-compressed collection of files. The driver is relatively new, so I’d expect performance and functionality improvements over time.

We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website. Go into the directory that contains the RPM file. Cause There are no step by step instructions regarding how to install and configure the ODBC connectivity for an application.


Contact IBM technical support to rectify the issue. Now create the odbc.

ODBC from Linux to iseries (AS400) for php

Get location of odbcinst executable: The driver information is placed in the odbcinst. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. IBM article regarding this: Get source code and re-compile as bit a Download source code afcess http: If Qt isn’t on your system, you can download it from Trolltech.