I removed my sticky pad and boosted my spring and the printer works like new. Same problem as everyone else. Yeah, the HL definitely didn’t go so well. I need to connect a new laptop to the printer on my wireless network and can’t figure out how to do it! When you use Envelope 10, choose ” Com ” in Paper Size. Thanks to the pics linked, it took only about half an hour to fix. To really easily get at the little black pad I also half pulled out the actuator and lever at the very front on the bottom, along with the one gear.

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I too need the pics. If the Printing cause jam then Leaving the printed material unclaimed in the outcome trays. The universe hugs you! I removed my sticky pad and boosted my spring and the printer works like new. Had same issue for months with Brother HLN. I did the “procedure” on two of my three HLW about two years ago.


I hope this helps. Thank you so much soundtrader I entered exactly what you see below: The process is a little different but not by much: Find out more Accept.

Setting up Brother HLDW printer on Chromebook? : chromeos

But success is still success. Can you email me as well with some pictures of what you are referring to? I am using Ubuntu I couldnt believe it: It made the sound of picking up one sheet after another every second while printing. My printer has just gone from an inoperable paper weight except manual paper feed to “like new”.

But unfortunately, infinite looped blank pages when I printed 1 page from Firefox. I lifted the bracket just enough to get at that pad so don’t lift it all the way out or you might lh-2170w an hour getting the gears back in place. James C Montana at gmail.

I also used hl-2170s idea of electical tape, sort of. Remove each envelope as soon as it has been printed. Message says I need to install driver? If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service: Same problem as everyone else. Funny thing was, the pad on my machine had a type of plastic film on each side, so I think my pad had already been updated to remove the possibility of sticking.


How to Print from a Chromebook. It called the Fuser Cover Assembly, it is accessed through the back door and a tool-less fix.

I have tested this thing several times now and it works perfectly. I tried Angry Larry’s link to Photobucket but there’s an error message.

Back in business here too! Its a stacked up gear.


Thanks again to all. I cut a piece about 1. Im not a fan of tearing apart a printer, but i will if i have hll-2170w This method worked for me on Ubuntu