Could another option be to juist studown the first enclosure, let the second one run without the master, and after few days remove the domain completely? So something is wrong and redirects me to a Vc-Manager IP where the credentials don’t work. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ticking and un-ticking the NAT box does not give a different result. Hi, I am trying to find Virtual Connect Support Utility but there is no download page anymore, last version I could download before was 1. This screenshot shows how the VLANs are mapped for each of those eight network connections:

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Are you the publisher? You would have to go into VC and manually reconfigure the FlexNic bandwidth.

Can you suggest me the steps? Email required Address never made public. Flexhpvmware. The performance is terible, reads are all over the place between 20MBs to MBs and traffice is really scatty.

Lisa had a customer question regarding a VC config: We have a single VC domain and 2x CX-4 stacking links joining both enclosures.


Thank U for excellent explanation. This site uses cookies. Please note that the connections that are drawn below are hardwired connections on the Backplane of the HP c Enclosure. He has vswitch0 on the LOM but he wants a 2nd vswitch0 on a mez card say on the flex10 module in slot 4.

I figured I better upload it here before I forget about it. VC allows the effective configuration to happen in two places. Can you explain the next layer, how the vmnics which I believe map to separate vswitches are mapped to the physical x1 — x6 ports of the Flex module?

You are commenting using your WordPress. The module received ip the address on dhcp. I also recommend setting the uplink to Failover mode so you can force who is Primary and who is Standby. Well, i have at least 4 different patterns.

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My suspicions were correct. Contact us about this article. In other words, the password reset procedure didn’t help, I am still not able to use Vc-Manager.

At the moment, my only way of administration is via SSH to the module in slot 1.

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Kenneth, thanks for both articles on the Flex mappings. These are pretty straight forward and should be known to all HP c-Class Administrators. The plan is remove one enclosure at the time, until only the base enclosure is left. Is there a way to force the role to the remote enclosure modulles? Hence, Ports are empty on the C Original, technical content centered around cloud computing, Kubernetes, Linux, and networking.


The other locations indicated in blue can only be FlexNics. Hello Kenneth, Thanks for the wonderful article.

Embed this content in your HTML. The main problem I see is that when VC-FC modules are in the same bay group of a multiple Enclosure group, they are all automatically in etherneg so the without downtime approach is not possible.

So — can you go …. I am not getting that option while configuring. I was like WTF?!?