On test files with all equalizers disabled, the device delivers very even sonic experience throughout the whole frequency range with slight smoothening in upper part of the spectrum, this is what the diagrams from Rightmark Audio Analyzer show clearly. Sound can be recorded via the inbuilt microphone, line-in and radio. Of course, having created a compact casing it is impossible to downsize a handset, notebook or audio player outright; you should always do it with diminutiveness of details which the device is made of in mind. Such things do happen, but these parts are getting more petite at uneven paces, which is quite natural: The player flaunts the trademark sound that comes from Telechips TCC77x platform thoroughly polished by the engineers, and also backed up by traditional sound processing systems with arrays of settings. First of all, you neither hear nor see it. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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Belt clip degree rotation – Metal. This is about average, iauduo you’ll definitely get less playback time if you turn on the sound-enhancement features. After saving your customized product, remember to add it to your cart.

About this product Product Information This Cowon MP4 is sprightly and brilliant, and it is a good companion for people who want great sound. Recording quality is on a good level and well lives up to our expectations.

Cowon iAudio 6 – iAudio 7 leather case with hook

This clip is an exclusive Noreve creation. Cowon Audio 6 utilizes a diminutive 4 Gb hard drive with 0. In my test voice recordings, however, I found that the built-in mic isn’t very sensitive, even on the High setting, and I could hear iiaudio of background hiss.


When listening to the player with disabled sound enhancementsthe sound feels quite heavy on bass, highs are soft, sometimes you catch an impression that they are somewhat muffled.

In the recent years the development of portable devices, requiring more capacity yet incompatible with drives of the existing form factor in view of the objective reasons, has encouraged the search for new ways and solutions. The iAudio 6 has so many features and options that newbies may be overwhelmed, but tech-savvy users will enjoy the player’s flexibility.

The image quality on the iAudio 6 screen is quite decent for a display with iaudik resolution which it has got. All the other Iaudio products work great as far as I can tell. Hard drives makers came to save the day — they got which way the wind blown in time and quickly delivered 1.

The playback screen features lots of customizable info, as well as a graphical level meter. Ten years later, a drive of the same size contains several hundreds of gigabytes, while the price is cut in half. But within these standards the capacity is steadily growing larger, while the price, which is really important, is dropping down.

The main menu is displayed in an arch of diminutive thumbnails, cwoon item selection a large and well-animated icon appears beneath the arch. To get the most out of the iAudio 6, however, you’ll definitely want to upgrade the included earbuds.

Cowon iAudio 6 – iAudio 7 leather covers and cases – Noreve

Made from raw grained leather specially tanned to protect against iauxio weather and scratches. Once you find settings you like, you can save them as presets.

In spite of being small in size in practice it offers great performance: This might be rectified in the versions to come; yet I still keep running into it, even in the cutting-edge D2. A vivid and colorful OLED screen, FM radio, line-in and voice-recording capabilities, and an updated touch interface iaudil this one of the most advanced microdrive players to date.


Also, operating the diagonal slider can be awkward; we suggest you handle it with two hands–just be gentle with it! While the capacity was lower than that of their full-size siblings, it was quite enough for music-minded application. The rest of the player is so nice that it might be worth your trouble to cwoon the controls.

The first six switch the player to music playback, to video clips playback, FM-broadcasting reception, signal recording, xowon of graphic and text files respective. If you’re in Music, you’ll default to an improved music-browsing screen–thanks to the latest 1. The mineral tanned, or Saffiano leather used for these creations makes them very supple and elastic. Noreve Polo Shirt sizes?

Cowon iAudio 6

The rear and the side plate are bare, the upper spine plays host to the microphone hole, the power switch, the controls locker and also three standard aiudio. The ability to pan and zoom images up to 2Xis a nice touch.

You can even customize the Menu and Rec buttons’ behavior so that they perform different functions depending on whether you press them cowoj or hold them down. The FM tuner is fairly weak, but it supports up to 24 presets.