New tlrei, radio, hcutcr, nir condi- tioner. Partly cloudy skies are being reported again this forenoon In southcentral and southeastern valleys while clear skies are the rule in the southwestern valleys. The farthest seaward and most northerly of California’s eight offshore channel Islands, ile-square— San. He is married- and -has— four-chil- dren. Thant’s first 1 five-year term expires Nov. It implies taking” resources through taxes at a mild sacrifice and distri- buting them.

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Inpa’ imo beheaded Id in wllh n iSaiu- lira! Got them- – selves in financial shape. Minnesota, i23; t B. Hun In my luimn, Cull. Not so at all, says Bundy. North Washington, phone BS Hatmakcr presented members from quilts she madc-for-her-cabin: Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said he believes ‘ t he stoppage has ere- Bted – a — Rational emergency re- -The-Montanrsenator-said’he Johnson But Mansfield told newsmen he doubts the Senate will act any slrike-stopping legislation before Thursday.

They were Clifford Gilmorc, of S held with a banquet and dance. Dos grandes grupos como el Chicago Tribune She said her family was eating “beans and codfish cakes” and that she was contemplating borrowing money to tide them over.


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Muchas nuevas informaciones sobre accionariado asalariado en marzocon 2. If Interested, apply in per- son to i Mr.

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Gardner, Burley, Idaho, haF completed the U. Jack longest married v i Car!

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The former Spokane barmnld, felted by a hall of police and FBI gunfire nt he motel July 9, is recovering from head and ab- dominal wounds, She was transferred to Boise over the weekend. Terry Martindalo was xnq man and Roger Meadows sen ved as usher. OOO termi or onslder. Smnll Investment Tor In- ventory.


EFES – Press Review – March

You see, Soft Whiskoyjs soft. That cwsper pave the way for a decision on whether the strike constitutes nn emergency war- ranting congressional Interven- tion. Hummer nnd wlnier plnygriiund of Idaho. And If one farmer rejects n hunter’s rcupontiblo re- quest to hunt ‘on his farm, the hunter lumps nil farmers together. Salm- on buoino33 ownor and ranchor. Spacious birch kit- chen with built-in appliances.

Kaifor, who was Luci Johnson’s adviser at the Georgetown University School of Nursing, will be one of three priests officiating at her Aug.