I bought my Motherboard from Asus in Taiwan. I still seem to be short of paint for editing screenshots before posting , notepad and calculator for instance. I can’t even find a confirmation if these errors are harmless or not. You don’t need to use it, everything will work just fine without it AI Booster that is. Purchased my Asus maximus vii hero 2 months ago and everything runs fine execpt this error message in the eventlog Sorry for my english, it is not my native language.

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I’ve got the exact same warnings like the OP. Okay, fair enough, and thanks for the most detailed response I’ve seen so far. No further action is necessary; however, you should check with your computer manufacturer for an upgraded BIOS.

Even a clean install of Windows will have some errors. I only noticed because it seems to be causing my cpu to remain constantly active even when idle, meaning idle temps are higher than they should be etc.

What I did not like was the random addition of items added to the Metro menu. It’s attached to the Interface Controller please see below.

This may temporarily interrupt your ability to access the devices. The file will be unloaded now. Nice to hear that you solved your issue with a newer BIOS update! Modern Bios systems may not recognize Legacy components and settings in Bios can remedy this. X ] I wanted to share a tentative success story. I am pushing this case with local Asus support. I am not sure if I have to deal with it or leave it as it is.


This data will be ignored. For this issue, I suggest you to clear the cmos to load the bios to default settings and try again. Apparently not on the approved list: Friday, November 18, Using the site is easy and fun. Only AI suite works fine with the cpu voltages.

Really could use your opinion on this – Am I infected? What do I do?

Ran Windows Update and they all installed. This error may be caused by files Has there been any update to this issue? Although as the issue has persisted for at least the last 3 OS iterations from Microsoft i wouldn’t hold your breath on a fix any time soon. Those errors happen because of bugs in Windows and specifically the Framework itself.


Ok Sparax, There are many things that can cause your issue and some have been ruled out. The InstallAll option didn’t fix it after all. I notice on bootup that the default OS is not shown to be selected it is if W7 is the default failedd induces the ‘where am I’ effect.


Posted 13 November – Hey guys, I’ve just seen this thread and it’s worried me. Or please check if it came after a windows update? This error has other repercussion on the system too, like preventing windows fast startup from working correctly.

BTW i found what was doing it. For the rest it’s too complicated to explain.

Really could use your opinion on this

I made a support ticket and Asus Tech Support said that I should send my board back to the store. Is there any news about fixing this error? Disconnect the printer and boot time speeds back up to where it should be, or of course, just install the software for the printer and the BIOS then doesn’t need to take all the time looking for instructions.