The standard size battery is a 6-cell. All Dell notebooks standardize on this antenna location. However, the UXGA resolution means the text and icons will be very small, those people that have poor sight or dislike small text would be wise to think twice about selecting UXGA. Given the fact this notebook is 1. Dell e right side view:

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Glamor shot 2 view larger image.

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There are several options for upgrading to longer coverage periods, such as 3-years, if you so wish. Overall, just a fantastic screen, big thumbs up. The colors are amazing and images wonderfully crisp. Given the fact this notebook is 1.

Service and Support Dell offers 1-year parts and replacement as a standard warranty on the e Few people these days are signing up for AOL or Earthlink for internet access and certainly not both at the same time, so your guaranteed to have programs on there taking up wasted space and, even worse, unnecessarily running in the background everytime you boot the e and thereby stealing processor resources.

Another front view of screen on e view larger image.

Dell Inspiron e1705 Parts

Dell e Media Direct launch button view larger image. The website to start from if you need support for your Dell Inspiron notebook is found here: Dell e top view view larger image The e build is good. If you intend to watch a lot of movies on a notebook or view a lot of pictures, the TrueLife screen is a great option. Visit our network of sites: Dell has always been great at providing the latest technology at an enticing price.


The bottom back area is especially prone to getting hot, I do not recommend putting this thing in your lap — it would be uncomfortable given the combined weight and heat. Buy the Dell Inspiron e at Dell.

Dell Inspiron e Laptop Replacement Parts |

When we develop a new product we put it through the rigors of true-to-life use and then some, helping ensure it meets our strict quality guidelines.

You can never have enough pictures right? The first time using takes a little bit of time for setup, but subsequent uses of Media Direct will mean you can get to playing media files in around seconds and not the usual 30 — 45 seconds it takes Windows to boot.

Doom 3 on the Dell e view larger image. You could get bettery battery life by using an e model with integrated graphics, brightness all the way down and wi-fi off — but what fun is that?

Dell e keyboard and touchpad view larger image.

Dell Inspiron e1705 Review (pics, specs)

Employee and Student Discounts. At that time I’ll probably buy a new card.

As a demonstration of the processor and graphics card capability I installed Doom 3 and took it for a test run. Given the fact Doom 3 runs well on High Quality graphics settings, Half Life 2 and other popular titles monjtor be assumed to run well. An important note on the e is the fact that the Dell Inspiron sold via e105 Dell Business site is the same notebook as the e offered through the Dell Home online store. With the e they have done this again monitkr thus provide probably the best price to feature ratio inch screen notebook on the market.


Dell e top view view larger image. Below is a graph generated from running HDTune on the e, a hard drive benchmarking application:. However, if you start pushing the notebook and playing 3D games, video encoding, or even ripping CDs things start to get warm.

Dell Inspiron E Product Details | Dell

Dell has made improving support a priority of late and you can only imagine the challenge of supporting thousands of customers buying what might be their first laptop and all the issues with meeting a new customers satisfaction and expectations.

Warranty and Support Services. The port selection on the e is excellent, having six USB ports is borderline ridiculous for a laptop in a good way.